About Tony Muzi

“The idea to produce these types of boots unifies my love of horses and my forty experience in the field of footwear.”

We produce to order using the best materials


Understanding the demands of horseriders I have wanted to develop a boot whose principal characteristics are a unique comfort and a solid durability in timeOUR BOOTS ARE ENTIRELY HANDMADE.
The quality of the raw material is the most important thing FOR US. The wide selection of leathers, the craftsmanship of the manufacturing process and the customization in every detail allows customers to have real unique pieces.

In addition to the boots Tony Muzi realize men’s and women’s shoes entirely handmade using high-grade leather. Even the shoes are entirely customizable.

Craftsmanship and passion FROM OVER 40 YEARS

Tony Muzi began his career as a shoemaker at the age of 11. After working as an employee, in 1979 he decided to start his own shoe production activities.

Horses have always been his passion, and so, after years of women’s footwear production, decides to join passion and craftsmanship to create his own boots, dedicated to those who love to ride! So in 2000 the brand TONY MUZI WESTERN BOOTS was born. A project in which Alfio, the designer, his wife Silvana and his daughter Daniela take part.

Why choose Tony Muzi


Deep knowledge of raw materials, entirely handcrafted, passion for horses.


Our products are handmade and can be customized in every detail. Unique pieces as works of art.


We are organized to deliver your boots and shoes all over the world, because passion has no boundaries.

Our laboratory, our life experience